Ford Focus SVT History

The Ford Focus SVT was a limited production vehicle. It was developed by Ford's Special vehicle team or SVT for short. It was the goal of SVT to develop a performance version of the standard Ford Focus. It was only available in the 2002 to 2004 car model. The 2002 Ford Focus SVT was only available in the 3 door hatchback model. It was initially only available in black, silver, red, or blue. Ford only made 4,788 that year.

Ford saw how successful the car was. They later offer in 2003 the option for the 5 door hatchback model. The 2003 car model saw the option for the European package, which gave the Focus SVT the European ST170 rim, HID headlights, and Recaro race seats with full leather interior. The color options for this year was black,silver, red, blue, yellow, or orange. Ford produced 6,158 that year which was an increase over the previous year.

2004 was the last year for the Ford Focus SVT. Ford was not able to continue the Ford Focus SVT model given it based on the zetec engine platform, which Ford decided to stop offering after that model year. Ford saw a drop in sales that year and only produced 3,057.

Production numbers

The production numbers for 2002 4,788

The production numbers for 2003 6,158

The production numbers for 2004 3,057

Total made for the three years 14,003